Introduction to Studio Lighting May 7 2018

PPA Super 1 Day Workshop

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Monday, May 7, 2018 
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Are you a natural light shooter and want to learn about the basics of studio lights? This is the class for you! Spend the day with instructor Seth Mayer, where you will learn how to use studio lighting to define and shape your subject and set a mood for your images. Class will start with one light and move up to five or more lights as the class continues on to explore classic lighting patterns such as butterfly, loop and Rembrandt. Learn how to use light shaping tools such as softboxes, strip lights, beauty dish, grids and reflectors to create soft or hard light that sets the mood for your image. Come ready to discuss using a flash meter and camera histogram to get you the best results. Bring your camera and you will have the opportunity to photograph your fellow students while learning how to light your subject!


Mayer Studio 8057 Raytheon Rd, STE 8
San Diego, CA 92111
United States
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